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Your website can be viewed on lots of different screen sizes and more and more websites are viewed on Mobile Devices these days, so it's important to have a mobile friendly web site.

Screen Size Screen Size Screen Size Screen Size

Having a website that adjusts its layout to suit the size of the screen is more practical than having a separate mobile website, because alterations to the content will only need to be carried out in one place.

Responsive Design Responsive Design Responsive Design Responsive Design

We want to provide you with the best website possible, but to provide the best design possible, we need to know what content you'd like on your website.

Changing the amount of content displayed in your website after the design period, could cause the end result to come across disjointed.

Once the design is approved and developed, any changes, however small, can result in a large amount of the work being repeated and therefore could increase costs considerably.

Looking It's Best Looking It's Best Looking It's Best Looking It's Best

Once you have decided on the content you would like to display in your website, it needs to be broken down into groups, so that it can be displayed across the various pages. It’s likely that you’ll want to decide this yourself.

It would be useful if you could provide us with any of the following:

  • Company Logo
  • List of all the pages you require
  • Electronic copy of the content (Word document, PDF document or Email etc)
  • Media Files (Images, music or videos)


  • Separating your content with clear headings relating to the page you would like your content to be placed on, will help reduce any confusion when building the website.
  • If you have a preference, please state which page(s) you would like media files (Images, Music or Videos) to be included on.

Getting your website found should be a high priority for all website owners. You can make a huge difference to your search results by making sure the content that you provide includes the keywords or phrases that you'd expect people to search for when looking for your services.

See our Marketing page for more information.

Search Engines Search Engines Search Engines Search Engines

Kenilworth Web Design can work with you to design a unique website, tailored to your exact requirements. We will get an idea of what your personal tastes are and design a website that suits you and your business.

If you can supply us with as much information about your business, service or product we can start to build a design brief for you.

If you already have a logo, your website could be designed around your existing business identity or based upon a current advertising campaign. Please inform us of any Company Brand Guidelines.

Bespoke Design Bespoke Design Bespoke Design Bespoke Design

If your budget is limited, why not consider the use of a template that would greatly reduce the design costs involved in your project. View a selection of themes at WooThemes.

With a theme, you can achieve a very aesthetically pleasing website that is also mobile friendly, for a fraction of the cost of a tailored design. The disadvantage of using a theme, is that making any changes to the layout can consume more time than going for the bespoke choice.

Which ever theme is chosen, a similar amount of pages, content and media files will need to be used, so this is important to take into account when choosing a theme.

The initial design is a visual to show how your website will look.

The design needs to be sliced up and code needs to be written in-order to develop it into a functioning website.

All web sites are developed with web compliant guidelines in mind, ensuring your website displays correctly when viewed in different web browsers and improves search results.

On completion of your website, we will upload it to our test server (e.g. for your approval, before going live at your required domain name (e.g.

Building Your Website Building Your Website Building Your Website

There is a certain amount of work involved in building a website regardless of the number of pages. A lot of this is down to the number of different layouts used for your pages, so additional pages that are based on the same layout as another page, will have little affect on cost.

The majority of a website is often made up of text and images, but it's likely you'll want some other functionality.

Extra functionality can be time consuming, so anything you can think of, will avoid surprise costs during the project.


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