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When deciding what E-Commerce option to go with, you need to think about...

  • How many products/services do you have to sell?
  • What is the minimum, maximum and average price of the products/services you’ll be selling?
  • What value of sales are you expecting on a monthly or yearly basis?
What's Being Sold? What's Being Sold? What's Being Sold? What's Being Sold?

When selling products online, postage and packaging is often overlooked...

  • Which delivery service(s) are you going to use?
  • What is the minimum, maximum and average size/weight of the packages you’ll be sending out?
  • Will you account for postage and packing within the price of each product or will this be added on during the checkout process?
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We would recommend using Sage Pay or PayPal to handle your payments.

They both offer a similar service, but some people are under the assumption that to pay via PayPal, you need a PayPal account and this can deter non PayPal users from continuing with their purchase.

A fee is charged for using Sage Pay or PayPal and this is mainly affected by the number of transactions that take place.

Payments Payments Payments Payments

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce system, built to work with the Wordpress Content Management System.

There is no cost for the basic functionality, which is sufficient for most small businesses.

For those that need to tailor the functionality to suit their needs, there is a great selection of WooCommerce Extensions available, allowing you to customise WooCommerce to your requirements.

WooCommerce Extensions often come with 1 year of updates and support for a low fee, but should be renewed annually to keep your site up to date and secure.

Woo Commerce Woo Commerce Woo Commerce

Magento can offer everything WooCommerce can offer and more. If you want the ultimate e-commerce solution, we'd recommend Magento, but it comes at a higher cost.

Similar to WooCommerce, Magento offers Extensions allowing you to customise your store, but Magento offers a much better range of choice, allowing you to customise to your exact requirements.

Magento Extensions are generally more expensive than those available for WooCommerce, which will be an on-going cost if the Extensions are kept up to date, because the licences will need to be renewed annually.

Magento Magento Magento Magento


Sell products or services online