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Terms & Conditions

1.1.1 Changes to the websites width once work has commenced, will result in a large amount of the work having to be carried out again. This would be charged for.
1.2.1 Once the design is approved and developed, any changes, however small, can result in a large amount of the work being repeated and therefore will increase costs considerably.
1.2.2 Minor alterations to text before publication are acceptable and images can also be changed, assuming they are of the same dimensions. Any major text changes or different sized images will affect the layout and can involve a significant amount of extra work. Under these circumstances, an additional charge will be incurred.
1.2.3 Small, low resolution images cannot be enlarged satisfactorily.
1.2.4 You must supply images that you either own the copyright to or have the rights to use. Proof of this may be required in writing!
1.3.1 Unless instructed otherwise, the designer will work with a colour scheme that will tie in with your current branding and take into account the amount of content you have provided.
1.4.1 All web sites are now developed to the latest W3C standards and should pass validation, enabling cross browser compatibility and improving search engine optimisation; however, we cannot maintain this on Content Management Systems.
1.5.1 The availability calendar requires a database and will therefore increase hosting costs.
1.5.2 Junk Mail or Blank Messages may be received from Contact Forms if SPAM Protection has not been requested.
1.5.3 Flash features on your website will not display to iPhone/iPad users.
1.5.4 A forum admin and moderators are required to monitor the activity within a forum, unless you have asked us to take upon this role.
1.5.5 Advanced Member Login requires a database and will therefore increase hosting costs.
1.5.6 Failure to inform us of removing publications from an online account will result in broken links on your website.
1.5.7 You will be responsible for informing us of changes to RSS Feed links and updating them will be charged based on maintenance fees.
1.5.8 If you have no photography and the designer feels that some stock pictures could help the style of the site, we will source some suitable shots and contact you with design proofs. We will then be able to quote you for the use of the pictures.
2.1.1 Wordpress designs may have restrictions, making pixel perfect designs not achievable for this Content Management System.
2.2.1 Publishing a Drupal website is a timely process, resulting in higher setup costs.
2.3.1 When using a Contribute CMS, you will be responsible for purchasing the Contribute Software with enough licences to cover all intended administers of the site.
2.4.1 With Site Builder, you would be responsible for creating your website by choosing from a selection of predefined layouts and colour schemes. No support will be provided in the construction of your site, besides pre-written tutorials provided by our hosting company. The appearance and functionality of your site will be considerably restricted compared to other Content Management Systems.
3.1.1 Web space is required in order to store your website online and if a huge number of visitors are accessing your site, it’s likely you’ll need a dedicated server that will increase costs from a low annual fee to a high monthly fee.
3.2.1 You will need a domain name for users to be able to access your website and the cost will vary depending on the domain name ending (i.e.
3.3.1 There is a one-off set up fee per email account and if you require assistance setting up your email account to work with email software, there would be an additional fee per email account and per device. If the total allocated space for your email accounts is not enough and your Inbox keeps filling up, we can upgrade all email accounts for a low annual fee.
3.4.1 The majority of Content Management Systems are database driven and need a more sophisticated web server, which will increase hosting costs. The speed that a user can move from page to page may also be reduced, unless the hosting package is upgraded to a dedicated server. This can increase hosting costs considerably, but will vary depending on the number of visitors that are going to your site.
3.5.1 If you decide to host the website yourself, we will provide you a zip file containing the website files and a database if applicable. This will only be done on receipt of full payment for the website and you will then be responsible for getting the website online yourself. Your hosting package may require PHP, MySQL and phpMyAdmin to operate correctly. This will depend on the functionality of your website. We can provide assistance in getting your website online for an additional fee, although this fee would increase if your website requires database functionality.
3.6.1 We will be unable to transfer your domain name for hosting with us if you cannot provide access to the current hosting package. When transferring your hosting to us you are responsible for backing up emails, unless you have asked us to take upon this role.
4.1.1 Your website can only be fully optimised for one key phrase and your business name. Results for additional key phrases can be improved but not perfected.
4.1.2 Having pages dedicated to your targeted key phrase(s) with content rich pages, is necessary to make the most of Organic Search Engine Optimisation.
4.1.3 Page Titles, Meta Tag Keywords and Descriptions all need to fall in line with your content.
4.1.4 Sometimes you will find searches for your targeted key phrase(s) and geographical area will be consumed by Google Map results, which will affect your Organic Search Engine Optimisation Results. If this is the case, we will optimise your Google Place page as well, although we would require up to 10 images relating to your business, which may incur additional charges if you are unable to provide them.
4.1.5 The results obtained will depend on the competition within your area and the geographical area that you are trying to target.
4.1.6 Organic Search Engine Optimisation is not a one-off task! To remain as close as possible to the top of the search engines you need to continually monitor the performance of your website and often update the content within your website, along with Page Titles, Meta Tag Keywords and Descriptions.
4.2.1 A Twitter account can be a disadvantage if either your company is going through tough times or if you fail to update Twitter on a regular basis.
4.3.1 Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) Campaigns can be very costly and sometimes have little affect.
5.0.1 You are responsible for using the most appropriate e-commerce package based on your current sales levels. You are also responsible for keeping up to date with current delivery charges and will be charged if modifications are required on your website.
5.0.2 Any disputes with e-commerce payments need to be settled between you, the customer and the payment process used within your website.
6.0.1 A fixed quotation will normally be provided before any work commences, unless areas of the project are unable to be confirmed before work needs to commence.
6.1.1 Any time taken for phone calls, responding to emails or meetings (Including travelling time) will be charged.
6.1.2 Changing existing content will be charged at an hourly rate and building upon the current site will be quoted for, based on the same pricing structure used for a new website.
6.1.3 If we are hosting your website, you will be charged on an annual basis, or if a dedicated server is required, you will be charged on a monthly basis. Assistance with email accounts will also be charged.
6.1.4 If changes are made to existing content, organic search engine optimisation may need updating and would be charged for. If further organic search engine optimisation needs to be carried out to improve results on targeted key phrase(s), you will be charged based on initial organic search engine optimisation charges.
6.1.5 Facebook campaigns will be charged for on a “per campaign” basis and any maintenance required on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger or LinkedIn will also be charged.
6.1.6 Depending on the budget invested in Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) Campaigns, you’ll be charged on a monthly or weekly basis.
6.1.7 Depending on the e-commerce package purchased, there may be a low commission charge on each transaction, which is reduced as sales increase. There may also be a low “per transaction” fee that can affect people selling items of low value, unless multiple items are purchased at the same time.
6.2.1 If your project is completed within a month, we will invoice once the project is complete. If the project takes over a month will we invoice for the work carried out so far at the end of each month.
6.2.2 Depending on the On-Going Costs that are applicable to you, we will invoice on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.
6.2.3 If the total for work carried out so far is less than £100, it will be carried over until the next payment is due and so on.
6.2.4 If payment has not been received in full within one month from date of invoice, we will try and make contact with you on a daily basis for a further week. If payment has still not been received in full, your website will be taken off line and an additional fee will be charged to reinstate your website.
6.2.5 If you decide to host the website yourself, we must receive payment in full before we provide you with the website files or assist you in getting your website online.

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